Laugh it Off at East Coast Cannabis Dispensary, Lebanon, ME

Picture this: you’ve had a rough week, and you’re craving a little laughter and relaxation. If this is you, tag along with us to East Coast Cannabis, a premier recreational dispensary nestled in the heart of Lebanon, ME.

East Coast Cannabis, or as it’s known amongst the locals, “The Snicker Factory”, will make your belly hurt from laughter and not from hunger (although, they got delectable munchies too). From exceptionally friendly staff who knows their “doobie-ography” to the unexpected punchlines on their product labels, they have integrated humor into their whole customer service experience.

And laugh out loud, you must. Quite literally. Because their products – the recreation candies, magic moss or their signature Lebanon laughter leaf – all might leave you giggling. Just don’t blame us if you end up laughing at your own reflection!

So, the next time you’re in town needing a good giggle (and some top-grade cannabis), remember to laugh it off at East Coast Cannabis – where the grass is greener, and laughs are heartier. The Weed Dispensary that’s not only about the weed, but also about the deed of brightening your day!