Discover Quality at The Cake House in Brownlee Park

Welcome to The Cake House Battle Creek, a remarkable world of aesthetic and aromatic variety. As a prominent cannabis dispensary, we’re the leading choice for those who enjoy the elevation and relaxation that comes with cannabis. We’re located in Brownlee Park, MI, but we also serve customers in Springfield and Marshall, MI.

A Remarkable Experience

The Cake House Battle Creek offers an outstanding collection of products with high levels of quality and exclusivity. We provide an unforgettable experience for each visitor, leaving them eager to return. Our goal is to provide you with a comfortable environment in which to explore and learn more about cannabis.

Empowering Minorities and Women

What sets The Cake House Battle Creek apart, aside from our curated selection, is our leadership. Our organization is proud to be led by minorities and women. This unique perspective infuses our business with an inclusive and diverse vision, making us more than simply another cannabis dispensary in Brownlee Park.

Come, visit us today, and experience the difference. Discover a dispensary that not only serves quality cannabis but also supports and empowers underrepresented communities.