An All-In-One HR Solution for Cannabis Business Owners.

Wurk, a groundbreaking HR solutions company, has been instrumental in addressing unique challenges faced by cannabis business owners. Offering customized end-to-end HR solutions, Wurk has catered to the full employee lifecycle of the nascent cannabis industry, despite its complex banking, tax and regulatory requirements.

Proactive and Comprehensive HR Solutions

Wurk’s service portfolio includes payroll management, timekeeping, onboarding, and numerous other HR services tailored for the cannabis industry. The company has gone above and beyond the role of a typical HR platform. It has taken on the responsibility of educating its client base about the constantly fluctuating field of cannabis regulation, enabling them to stay one step ahead.

Leveraging its expertise in HR tech, Wurk has also made noteworthy progress in lobbying for fair work legislature in the cannabis industry. This tireless advocacy, coupled with their innovative HR solutions, has successfully positioned Wurk as an invaluable ally for cannabis business owners. The company, despite being in a challenging and ever-changing environment, has continually demonstrated a steadfast commitment to its mission: simplifying HR and payroll in the cannabis space.