Chiquita Banana

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Chiquita Banana

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Who doesn’t know Chiquita Banana? The world-famous banana brand: also the brand that isn’t very happy with the name of these seeds. Our feminized Chiquita Banana seeds are therefore also sold under the name C. Banana and Banana OG.

Chiquita Banana is an exotic strain with roots in California. An extremely potent Sativa dominant hybrid with genetics from the OG Kush.

Curious about what C. Banana has to offer for your next grow? Read on and get inspired or buy your seeds straight away!

Growing the Chiquita Banana strain

Before you can enjoy your harvest you first have to grow this great strain which you do in an easy way with our feminized Chiquita Banana seeds.

C. Banana is a strain with a powerful growth and flowering phase. As known from a Sativa, Sativa’s tend to stretch considerably. That said, it’s advisable to provide sufficient space in height. Indoors, the plant reaches an average height of 90 cm to 120 cm, while the strain often reaches heights of 160 cm when grown outdoors.

Want to control the height of your strain or is the available space limited? No problem. The Chiquita Banana strain can be controlled through training techniques such as topping and scrOG.

Flowering time

Our Chiquita Banana seeds are a solid choice when you are planning to grow indoors. The flowering time is about 8 to 10 weeks and therefore quite short. However, the short flowering stage won’t affect both the quantity and quality of your harvest.

During the flowering stage, the strain will develop large buds. Equipped with beautiful orange and even gold colored pistils that will already give you a taste of what is yet to come.


In the case of indoor cultivation, the maximum yield is about 400 grams per m2. Far from disappointing isn’t it? Outdoors, our Chiquita Banana strain is capable of producing a staggering 900 grams per plant.

Taste, odor, and effect

C. Banana produces a strong weed and if we say strong, we do mean strong. With a THC percentage of 23% – 29% the effect of the weed is capable of overthrowing even the most seasoned cannabis enthusiast.

Chiquita Banana is an absolute mood motivator and provides a great boost, just like that yellow banana you buy in the supermarket. Effects are energetic due to the Sativa properties and therefore often consumed during the day. After consuming the weed, consumers report that they feel inspired and creative.

The taste of the weed is remarkably fruity and has spicy elements. Think of pepper, citrus, and kush. Her smoke is pleasantly soft. Combined with its sweet banana flavor that is also clearly reflected in the scent, the weed lets you do one thing: enjoy a tropical sensation!

Cannabis gummies the USA, Edibles New york, Cannabis Edibles Texas, Hash California, weed gummies Alaska, How to make hash Oregon


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