Sour Diesel

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Sour Diesel

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Sour Diesel is perhaps one of the most well-known and strongest types of weed of all time. We are therefore proud to have added the Sour Diesel feminized seeds to our assortment.

The hybrid Sour Diesel is also known as the Sour D and is developed in California. Although the exact genetics of this strain has always remained a secret, it’s suspected that the Sour Diesel seeds are a cross between the famous Northern Lights x Super Skunk and 91 Chemdawg. These days, Sour D is worldwide known and loved by both smokers and breeders.

The Sour Diesel feminized seeds
With only 12 weeks from seed to harvest, the Sour Diesel seeds are a good choice for both novice and advanced. With the right amount of Afghani-Indica genes and the best qualities of old-school Sativas, this strain ensures high-quality yields. Moreover, this combination ensures that the seeds are suitable for both indoor and outdoor usage. Outdoors, however, this plant thrives best in a warm climate or a warm summer period where it’s recommended to harvest in October (northern hemisphere).

Because the plant tends to increase in size considerably during the first four weeks which is why many prefer low-stress techniques. During the growth, the plant develops like a Sativa with resinous dense, and shimmering buds with a strong acid, chemical, and spicy aromas.

Sour Diesel strain flowering time
The flowering time of the Sour Diesel strain is 10 weeks. At the beginning of flowering, the plant will stretch slightly and eventually become 120 cm – 160 cm tall. However, this plant can easily grow up to 3 meters high when the plant has access to lots of sun, nutrients, and water.

If the plant has been growing well and a SOG method is applied for the cultivation of the Sour Diesel seeds then a high-quality production with a maximum yield of 450 – 500 grams per m2 can be expected.

Taste, smell, and effect of Sour Diesel weed
Sour Diesel weed is known for its powerful, slightly Sour diesel taste and smell. A unique experience with an energy-rich euphoric effect. This makes the Sour Diesel seeds an excellent choice for experienced smokers who are looking for a daily use product.

Is Sour Diesel a good strain USA, Sour Diesel Yield Florida FL, Sour Diesel side effects Jacksonville, Best Sativa strain Miami.


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